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Estero Florida – Fun Facts For Parents

Estero Village is an unincorporated village in Lee County, Florida. According to the 2020 census, it is an unincorporated town, or census-designated area, with a population of 22,622. In 2020, Estero Village was a census-designated historic place, and its estimated population as of the last census was approximately 33,464.

Located near the southwest part of Lee County, Estero Village is in the southwest corner of Lee County between DeSoto and Waxhaw Counties. It is only one mile south of the intersection of US-75 and South Main Street in Waxhaw. If driving north from Waxhaw, you will turn left on Estero Road. If driving south from Waxhaw, you will turn right on Estero Road.

The homes in Estero are made up of two parts. First there is Estero Village, which is located between South Main Street and US-75. The second part of Estero Village is located on North Main Street between Estero and Waxhaw Streets.

Estero Village is a mixture of commercial and residential areas. The commercial area includes Estero Market, a grocery store that specializes in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Other businesses in Estero Village include a deli and a barbershop.

Most of the homes in Estero Village have commercial establishments. The commercial establishments include a pharmacy and a hair salon. Some of the homes also have a dentist office.

The homes along Main Street are very close to the main business district. A short distance from the houses is the main business district of downtown Lee County. Along the main street are several stores and several businesses that are open to the public.

The Estero School District consists of four schools. The two elementary schools are located here: Estero Community School, located on Main Street and North Estero Elementary School, located at 101 Estero Road.

The Estero Historical Society is also located in Estero. They host a series of free concerts each month. including local artists performing for children.

Estero is about twelve miles from the closest grocery store. That is, the nearest SuperValu or Super Trader’s Grocery store is in Lee County. The closest grocery store to Estero is located in Waxhaw, which is four miles away.

Estero is also about twelve miles from the nearest airport. That is, the closest airport is Fort Myers International Airport. It is about seven miles from Waxhaw. Estero is about three miles from Fort Myers Beach.

If you are looking for employment in Estero, there are some great opportunities. There are a number of businesses that are willing to hire people from out of state. of Florida.

The Estero City Manager and Planning Commission can help you locate the best employment opportunities in Estero. It is also possible to work with the City Manager and Planning Commission by making a recommendation for a commercial, recreational, or residential development in Estero. You will find a wide range of property owners and developers willing to work with you. if you do a search on the internet for the City of Estero and the City of Lee County.

Estero is also near the North Carolina State University campus. The school offers many different types of programs including an online bachelor’s degree program. This program has several colleges for people who are planning on studying for a higher education. The college offers online degrees as well.

If you are looking for a good investment for your family, consider living in Estero. The people here are friendly and offer a wide range of homes. for sale and condos.

Estero is also near a number of golf courses. There are many golf courses around the area. Some of the courses include the Oakleaf Golf Course and the Sunflower Golf Course. If you are in the market for a new golf course, there are many properties for sale at Estero and around Lee County.

If you want to work in Estero but you live in another state, you can still find jobs. You can find jobs in the various government positions. such as police officer, fire fighter, and paramedic. You may be able to find work with the Florida National Guard or other national government positions.

Estero is a great place to live if you have children. Many schools are located near Estero. You can choose from a number of schools that offer day care for the kids.