Estero is an unincorporated area of Lee County, Florida, USA. At the last count, the town was only a census-designated community, where the population numbered twenty-five thousand.

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According to the census, in the year 2020, the town’s estimated population stood at 33,476. A visitor would then ask why it is so small. The answer is quite simple, Estero is located at a crossroads. It has one main highway and also has two major roads which are I-275 and SR-82, that run through it.

When a visitor goes past the town on the main street, they will notice that there are only four bars or restaurants. However, there are many small shops and other establishments in the town. The area was originally named after one Jose Estero, who was the founder of the town.

There are a great number of hotels in the area, but they are not all that well known. There is the Estero Hotel, the St. Vincent Hotel, the Treetops Inn and the Estero Motel. The Estero Motel is known for its beautiful architecture. It is known as being the tallest structure on U.S. Route 192. It also has a swimming pool that is included in their hotel stay package.

The town of Estero can be easily accessed through the town’s public transportation system. The most commonly used route is I-275 North through the town. It is also possible to go through Estero by taking SR-82 through a toll road.

The Estero Beach Resort is the main attraction for most visitors who visit the town. There is a large beach at Estero that is separated into two sections by a bridge. This section is known as the North Beach. It has sandy white sand and has shallow blue water. The South Beach, on the other hand, is much deeper with blue and clear water.

If you are looking to relax, then it is highly recommended that you visit the Estero Beach Resort or any of its sister resorts. in the area, but if you are seeking the same, then you may want to consider visiting another area. The surrounding areas are known as “The Riviera of the Seas.”

On the North Beach you can purchase or rent houses, home, vacation homes, beach houses, houseboats, etc. There is a large selection of homes on Estero Fl. You can choose from waterfront homes, condo homes, mobile homes, town homes, cottages, bungalows, and more. All of these are available for rent.

The South Beach is also a popular attraction because there are plenty of things to do on this part of Estero Fl. The area is known for the restaurants, shopping centers, shopping, spas and boutiques, etc.

There is an amusement park in Estero, where you can ride roller coasters, go fishing, take in a show or go boating. There are also an Aquarium and the historic Estero Fl Botanical Gardens.

The Estero Beach is considered as the main business center in the area, but there are a number of other places of interest for you. Some of these places include the historic Estero Lighthouse, Estero Historical Museum, Estero’s famous “Chocolates Bakery,” and more. If you are not into all the activities, then you can just enjoy the beaches and the natural beauty of Estero.

If you plan on staying overnight in Estero, you will want to find a hotel or motel near one of the local attractions. These attractions include The Estero Historical Park, Sea World, The Treetops Amusement Park, or the Estero Bay Park. There are many other hotels in the area.

Estero is located at the edge of Sarasota County, which is the second largest area of the State. It is very near Sarasota International Airport and Lake Mary, a beautiful lake. It is just an hour from Clearwater. There are many different types of hotels in the area and this is just a small sampling of what you can find in Estero.