Fort Myers or Ft. Myers, Florida is the largest city and commercial center of Lee County, Florida. The city was established in the nineteenth century and is named after John W. Fort, who was a trader and an entrepreneur. Today, Fort Myers is a beautiful tropical city with a diverse cultural heritage. The city is located on SE Florida’s Panhandle and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and the pine brush forests of the south to the west. As of today, the median household income is about two hundred and fifty dollars per year.

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Fort Myers has a wide range of activities. You can go scuba diving off the shores of Pleasure Island or at Sola island, where you can scuba dive as deep as one hundred and thirty feet (the highest diving site in the Florida Keys). You can also participate in waterfowl hunting during various times of the year. There are also a number of beaches that you can enjoy such as the Fort Myers Beach, Orange Beach, Lucinda Beach, Fulsom Beach, and Macahua Beach.

One of the most popular activities that you can do while visiting Fort Myers is to visit the Fort Myers marshes. These natural preserves are located just east of downtown and are a wonderful experience. Along with the natural preserves, you can also experience one of the largest underground sinkholes in the world. The Grand Star Cave is located on ten acres and offers tours, cave rides, and picnic packages.

One of the top natural attractions in Fort Myers is the Indian River Lagoon. This is located on the Indian River, which flows through Fort Myers. The lagoon is designed to be an eco-friendly tourist favorite and is one of the cleanest and fastest running rivers in the United States. The lagoon is connected to the mainland by a causeway bridge that allows boats and other water vehicles to access it.

Just to the north of the Indian River Lagoon is another great spot called Monkey Beach. This is a sandy beach located on Pine Island State Beach. As the name suggests, you will be able to see alligators walking around. Other animal encounters include alligators, sloths, and deer.

If you love the idea of scuba diving, then you will enjoy exploring the Fort Myers Underwater Park. This is located in the Indian River Water Park in downtown Fort Myers. This park offers numerous different types of activities that will keep any tourist entertained for hours. In addition to the dive shop, there is also a concession that offers fresh seafood daily. This park is one of the most popular natural diving locations in the area.

If you are looking for a place to relax, then you definitely want to check out the Indian Riverboat Museum. The entire premise of this museum is to recreate long-gone cultures. This includes the history of the islands of Manhattan and Cuba. This museum is located right on the Indian River and serves as the primary focus of the whole complex. A number of Native American artifacts as well as mummies have been found in the museum.

For those who enjoy spending time on the water, Fort Myers has several options. You can fish at several different spots and also take a boating tour down the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, nature lovers can explore different types of natural history at nearby Fort Myers Research and Education Center. Here, you will find several different types of animals like frogs and various types of reptiles.