Located just off the I-4 highway in Lee County Florida, Estero is a quiet community located about ten miles from Ovie, Florida. The area was considered a fishing and tourism hot spot for years, but has gained popularity as a destination park in recent years. Here are some interesting facts about Estero.

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Estero is a quiet village in Lee County Florida, United States, right off the I-4 highway. As of the 2020 census, the community was just 22,611, where as the 2020 median income was just under $40k per year. At the time, the average age was just over 50, and the median income was just under $40k per year. In recent years, the village’s population has been growing at a steady rate, which has made it one of the best places to live in Lee County.

In Lee County Florida there are nine great places to visit including Estero, with its unique culture, amazing scenery, excellent cuisine and great people. Located on the southern fork of the St. Lucie River, Estero is at the headwaters of Suwannee Creek. Suwannee Lake, including its waterfalls, natural hot springs, wildlife refuge and the Gatorade Pool are all things to do in, around, and near Estero.

One of the most popular places to see near Estero is Suwannee Village. Suwannee Village sits at the foot of Suwannee River on a peninsula that juts into the bay of Suwannee Lake. Among the great things to do in, near, and around Suwannee are the Estero/Suwannee restaurant and flatbread kitchen operated by chef Derren Brown, the Wildflower Center, Suwannee Golf and Country Club and Suwannee Park and Ride.

Just north of Suwannee, you will find the Estero/Suwannee Inn and Suwannee Commons. These are two of the top places near Estero to enjoy the charm of the South Florida coast. Suwannee Commons, which offers a wide range of dining experiences from modern to country-western flair, features the Estero/Suwannee restaurant, a gift shop, a five-star spa, pool and bar. Suwannee Commons also has four swimming pools for visitors to enjoy. Other great restaurants near the area include BonJour, Joe’s Crabhouse and Jack LaLanne’s Sports Pub and Draft House.

Just down the road from Estero is the much heralded Miromar. A famous Miromar landmark, located in the heart of south Florida, is The Flatbread Kitchen. In this historic gem of a restaurant, diners will experience traditional Caribbean fare like jalapeno poppers, pork shoulder with black beans and rice, chicken fajitas, and fried fish. The Flatbread Kitchen is open Sunday through Friday for lunch, dinner, and drinks. In addition to a great local spot, The Flatbread Kitchen offers an authentic Latin feel with all sorts of seafood delicacies.

Just down the road from Estero and right along I-4 is the small island community of Venice. If you love the sound of waves and enjoy the thought of having your pictures taken on a beautiful beach, Venice has got it for you. It is home to the Venetian Wave Hotel California. While at Venice, be sure to stop by the Upland Bar where world famous chefs serve everything from sandwiches and desserts to pasta and sushi.

One last spot in Estero FL that is right on I-4 is the exclusive South Beach atrium. This luxurious hotel boasts views of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby is the Miami Metro Zoo, where visitors can view alligators, sloths, deer, and even stingrays. This is one great place to stay near by if you are traveling to the area.

East of Estero, you will come to Holmes Beach. This is one of the best preserved beach towns in Florida. It is home to Holmes Beach Country Club, a golf course that features both eighteen holes and nine. You can also spend the day kayaking, fishing, or dolphin watching. The area around Holmes Beach has a nice little bit of everything, including marshes where you can find a variety of fish, as well as beaches and piers where you can sunbathe and swim.

Finally, if you are looking for a great spot to eat, try the Denny’s across the street from Holmes Beach. Denny’s is a very popular chain of restaurants that offer all kinds of food. While there are all kinds of different choices, especially in the seafood department, you should consider the famous Buffalo Chicken sandwiches. While this is not really a restaurant itself, it is definitely one of the best you will have while in Estero FL.

Overall, if you enjoy staying near the ocean, enjoy boating, fishing, or just taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounds Estero, then you should definitely consider spending some time in Estero. The area offers plenty of activities for anyone to enjoy. The weather is great almost all the time, and you are far from being bored with what the area has to offer.