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Best Pergola Designs for Your Garden

When you are searching for the best pergola design for your garden or patio area, you need to be able to think about different types of plants that would look great. These plants would also be able to thrive in the kind of climate that you would be living in. The more you know about these different plants the better choice that you will make in finding the right one for your situation. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of pergola plants that you can find on many different websites online and off. Finding the one that is best suited for you should definitely not be a problem.

If you are living in a cooler part of the country then you are going to be looking for a pergola that is made to withstand cool evenings and hot summers. Good quality plants should be growing in your backyard at all times and some varieties of vines and shrubs are best when you are trying to grow them indoors. For instance a cool season vine such as the Blue Lady can do very well in almost any climate.

Some of the best material for outdoor living spaces are concrete, metal and wood. Concrete is by far the best material for pergolas, because it is the most enduring. Metal is also durable but the real thing is nice to look at and if you are planning to enclose your outdoor space with the use of a trellis or railing then you might want to choose this material. Wood pergolas can look very stylish, but they are not the most practical to clean either.

Cedarwood is very popular among home owners because it is beautiful, it is easy to maintain, it doesn’t mildew and it holds up well to the elements. One of the most durable materials on the market for a pergola is cedarwood. Cedar has a natural reflective beauty that catches and holds heat. It also has a unique aroma that many people love. Some homeowners like the fact that cedar can be used to make outdoor furniture which will complete the effect of your pergola.

Wood is also popular but not as much as cedar. One reason for this is that it is not easy to stain wood. Even if you coat it with an outdoor paint you will not be able to keep the color you originally had. Caring for wood is another matter. In addition, it does not hold up well to the elements especially when they are windy and it tends to rot after a while. Metal may look nice and it may last but once it starts to deteriorate it is useless.

Many homeowners these days are using vinyl pergolas because it is very easy to maintain and it is very durable. Unlike wood, it does not rot or decay even in bad weather. The cost is usually lower than other types of outdoor structures such as plastic pergolas. Vinyl is not only attractive but it can be insulated against temperature changes or if there is a breeze blowing.

Climbing plants are great for providing shade and privacy to your pergola. However, there are some plants that should not be planted next to the pergola, such as climbing roses or azalea flowers. There are some homeowners who like to use the extra space for their garden but prefer the privacy of a pergola to that garden. For those people, they may choose to add trellises or even mini walls or walkways so that they can be more creative with their design.