Bonita Springs is a resort town in south Florida. It is best known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches and popular parks, such as Bonita Beach Park. To the north is Lovers Key State Park with its scenic sand dunes and protected harbor. Southeastern Florida Museum of Art features works by several renowned artists, including David Remnick with his painting, “Watercress.” A Sarasota artist, Roycey Simmons adds colorful flora to the yard of his museum. The Okefinah Aquarium & Wildlife Center have many of the birds and mammals native to Florida.

There are plenty of shopping and dining options at Bonita Springs. The main strip of shops is centered along Main Street and boasts all kinds of specialty shops. Bonita has three small downtown clubs, featuring live entertainment, drink and dinner specials at their restaurants. You can enjoy the outdoor restaurants that feature foods from around the world, as well as guided tours of the various attractions.

The top four things to do in, and near, Bonita Springs includes:

Fishing. People who love to fish usually head to Bonita Springs to get a little fishing in. Several nearby lakes offer day trips, or you can drive a few miles to their marinas and enjoy fishing in their own backyard. Some of the most popular fishing spots include Windansea Beach, which is known for quality surf fishing and excellent fishing opportunities on the Big Lagoon. There’s also Grand Canyon National Park just down the road from Windansea Beach.

Kayaking. If you love to kayak, there are plenty of opportunities for great day trips to one or two of the many nearby beaches. Grand Canyon National Park is only a few hours away, as is Crystal Springs, which is close to Las Vegas. Windansea Beach is also a popular kayak destination, especially during the warmer months of the year. And for something completely out of the ordinary, Bonita springs Florida offers a group kayaking experience. There are also several 18 best things to do in, and near, Bonita Springs.

Beaches. While we’re talking about beaches, let’s not forget about the other tourist attractions in and around Bonita Springs FL. The entire beach area is simply gorgeous. You can kayak through the mangrove forests, swim in the crystal blue waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, or simply sit on the sandy beaches and look at all the beautiful colors of the sand.

Golf. In addition to the mangrove forest, Bonita Springs FL has two other natural golf courses, two public tennis courts (with full hook pads), and a couple of premium, public beach resorts. And if you love the outdoors, you’ll love playing on the 18-hole Bonita Springs Golf Course, which is open year-round and includes two championship holes. Other beaches near Bonita Springs include Windansea Beach, Paradise Lakes, and Crystal Springs.

Entertainment. Bonita Springs FL has plenty of entertainment options, ranging from luxury spas, to world-class restaurants, to shopping centers. There’s even a world-class winery, the Winery Exchange, just down the street from our Windansea Beach and Crystal Springs beaches. With plenty of nightlife and upscale dining options, there’s no reason why your next trip to Florida won’t be an amazing, affordable, and unforgettable experience.

River Golf. Located right on our gorgeous beaches, Windansea Beach and Crystal Springs are the perfect spots for playing some river golf. For a slightly rowdier element, you might enjoy the “Chutes and Ladders” tournament every weekend during the summer months. You may also check out the famous Congo River golf course, which can be enjoyed by families as well as visitors.

Petar. If you’re looking for some relaxing, outdoor, beachside vacation spots, then you definitely need to check out the Petar Resorts. The Petar Resort has three different packages that will suit your tastes and budgets. Depending on whether you want to spend your weekends soaking up the sun on the beach, lounging by the water, or taking a hike on one of the many trails, you’ll find that the Petar Resorts has just what you need. During the warmer months, you can even stop by the Sun Dial to grab a cold brew and a nap on the porch; and during the cooler, winter months, you can head out to the deck for an afternoon of fishing, snowboarding, sledding, and even indoor skiing.

When it comes to fun things to do in, Bonita Springs is full of options. You just need to get out there and explore them. You can always stay on the coast for the weekend and enjoy some of the activities mentioned above. Or, if you’re looking for more romantic getaways, then you might consider staying on the shores of Lake Bonita for a week or two.