RE: Best Outdoor Pool at Laughlin, NM? Last year, our family went to the Pikes Peak Mountains in Northern Arizona and had a great time. The Pikes Peak was one of the most stunning mountains I have ever seen, and there was no way we could top our experience there. So, since then, I’ve been searching for the very best outdoor pool options in Northern Arizona.

Our family loves the Pikes Peak area, but with the economy right now, many of us have been looking at other possibilities for the best outdoor pool and/or backyard entertaining areas. One of those possibilities is cabanas. Cabanas are a type of houseboats that can be rented year-round for backyard parties, cookouts, barbeques and other events. And, the best part is you can rent cabanas for extremely low weekly rates. Many cabanas are even on rental agencies in the area!

When my husband and I started researching options for our backyard, we were surprised to find that there were so many companies offering all different types of services. We quickly noticed that some companies were advertising “homes with a view” – something we could have never imagined. But that didn’t stop us from purchasing a number of homes with a great view! (You can see this report inappropriate content at the bottom of this article.)

In researching the best outdoor pool and/or backyard entertaining areas for our family, we came across several reports that mentioned rental homes with views. A number of those homes had extremely lovely landscaping. We were interested, so we decided to contact the companies that owned these homes. What we discovered was that these companies were advertising homes with views in an attempt to generate business. This was surprising, given that the property wasn’t even occupied!

We did some research and found that gunite pools had been designed for recreational use only. So why are these pools being advertised as the best outdoor pool? The company that owned these homes was advertising them because they qualified for “gunite” status. The term “gunite” is a measurement of a pool’s size compared to the exterior walls.

Another problem we found was that most of the companies we contacted about renting homes with views offered prices that were either under our budget or would not allow us to pay the extra money required for larger swimming pools. For example, one of the companies offered a price that included the cost of a fire pit. After we explained the additional cost to the person who directed us, we asked if we could also install a fire pit on the property. She told us no, but offered to send us photos of the backyard she had designed so we could determine if we’d like to have the pool on the property.

It was at this point that I decided to try and find a better deal. The final result turned out to be the best outdoor pool table I’d seen. The price was considerably less than what we were originally being quoted. The cost of the two outdoor pool tables listed below is only one of the differences between the two models. The fire pit is not included in the price, nor is the ladder to get onto the pool deck.

It was amazing how quickly Instagram users can share images on almost anything. Instinctively, we knew that the images posted on Instagram by our neighbor were far different from the one we had seen on Instagram by ourselves. The other day, she posted a picture of her six-week old son lying on a hammock enjoying the cool breeze. While it might have been interesting to imagine what exactly your child might be experiencing during his first few months in the hammock, it is simply far more interesting to see the actual pictures that were captured. The image of the little boy lying in the hammock, smiling as he enjoys the cool breeze was the one that I captured and shared on Instagram, and has since been used several times in this article.