Fort Myers or Ft. Myers, Florida is the largest and most important urban area in Lee County, Florida. As of the latest 2021 census, the total population was 62,296 and in upcoming years is expected to be 67,715. The city is considered the southernmost Miami-Dade County seat.

Lee County has a total population of nine counties, four cities and one administrative district. This includes the cities of Fort Myers, Naples, Lee, Port Richey and Summerland. The city of Fort Myers is considered the fastest growing of all Lee County cities and is considered as the second largest city in Southwest Florida. The rapid growth of the city is mostly contributed by the influx of the larger numbers of people coming to the U.S. from overseas and also because of the various forms of business that have sprouted up here.

Besides the large number of people moving to the U.S. from overseas, the second largest contributor is from Florida’s civil war history. Fort Myers saw a very significant Civil War presence and those who served during the Civil War are still remembered in Fort Myers Historic Site. The Fort Myers Historic Site is also home to many Civil War cemeteries. Among these cemeteries are those in Leeuwenhoek, Fort Benning and Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Military History Museum at Lackawah is one of the best preserved battlefields in the area. The museum features a section focusing on the Civil War with an audio history of the city. In addition, the museum features the Soldiers’ Home, which is where former soldiers would live during the Civil War. The Homes had small cottages that served as a temporary military headquarters as well as a store for supplies. The Homes contained a library, a doctor’s office, a court house and a gunnery building. It also had a supply depot that was maintained by a company that manufactured shoes, rugs and furniture.

Florida hosts quite a few notable Military Civil War events, including the fortieth anniversary of the First World War. On this day in 1950, the fort was decorated with a five-ton ironclad cruiser, the Atlanta. On board were members of the Georgia National Guard who included the sixteenth Army Corps of Engineers, who were stationed at the site in early April for a two-week training exercise. The cruiser anchored in Fort Myers’ harbor to participate in Exercise Hostel in the Gulf of Mexico. The Atlanta was part of a combined naval and army exercise known as Exercise Ringing Tiger. This exercise was designed to train both forces for future wars.

During the last quarter of the twentieth century, there was a rise in population in the geographic area surrounding Fort Myers. This meant an increase in the number of people living in the communities of Fort Myers Beach, Edmond and Naples. By the third decade of the new millennium, there was a flourishing of growth in the statistical area centered around Fort Myers. There were a number of large-scale real estate projects taking place along the beach and the neighboring communities. These included high-rise condominium projects, such as the ones currently under construction at Cape Coral, an area that encompasses three neighborhoods.

The area is also home to many seasonal attractions, many of which draw hundreds of tourists to Fort Myers during the summer and fall months. Among these are the Winter Gardens, a flower garden that includes a number of delicate waterfalls and fountains along with a wide variety of annual plants, gardens and shrubs; the Harvey Firestone RV Park, which include an open air camp that is open to visitors all year long; and the Edmond Snow Festival, which were formed in response to the devastating flooding that devastated much of the state’s northern half. All of these attractions draw a large number of tourists to the area and allow the real estate market to thrive. Real estate prices are generally higher in southern Florida than they are in northern Florida due to the close proximity of cities and the relatively small population of the northern half.

Along with the large number of tourists that visit Fort Myers each year, the city is also home to a number of popular nightlife and dining establishments. A popular nightspot is the WDW Gold Club, which has two locations: The Pleasure Garden at the Bay Street Experience and The Rumford House, which features its own water park and game room. The WDW Gold Club is known for its high quality entertainment and is popular with children and adults alike. The Rumford House features waterfront dining, fine dining, and nightlife with live music and sports packages available.