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Naples Florida – Why Visit

Naples Florida is a beautiful city on the Gulf of Mexico, just southwest of Saint Petersburg, Florida, which is known for upscale shopping and fine golf courses. Naples is also the home of America’s first major airport, Naples International Airport. The Naples Pier, originally erected in 1889, is the biggest symbol of the city, and is an excellent place to view boats and yachts in the Gulf of Mexico. It is surrounded by miles of beautiful beaches with clear, cool waters and premium sand, including those at Clam Bar Park and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, among many others.

The second-oldest part of Naples is South Naples, a historic district known for plantation homes, mansions, churches, art galleries, and museums. It is an area rich in cultural distinction, including the University of Miami, the Museum of Modern Art, the Nasher Museum, and the Picasso House. In addition to being home to one of the largest libraries in Florida, it is also the site of the first municipal airport in Florida. While a bit farther from downtown, the newly renovated Tamiami Beach condominiums are nearby, making it ideal for weekend getaways. Many of the condos have restaurants, bars, and shops within walking distance.

If you happen to be looking for a unique museum experience in Naples, look no further than the Naples Deportation Museum. It was designed by world renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who was living in Naples while completing his most famous project, the Wright Brothers’ lofts. This unique museum showcases several artifacts, like a brass cuckoo clock, original water pipes, a piano, glassware, and more. Its history traces back to the First World War, when it was established as an armory to service the U.S. Army. Now, it is home to over one hundred different artifacts, which are constantly updated with new information and research.

Another must-visit piece is the Immokalee Pioneer Museum & Learning Center. Consisting of two buildings (the former county courthouse and the Immokalee City Hall), it is located on 33 acres of land that once served as the county seat. One of the highlights of the museum is its interactive nature-based exhibits, which welcome visitors with a nature-based video, music, or tactile experience. It is also home to the Immokalee tribe’s historical museum, where you can learn about the history of the Immokalee tribe, as well as learn about the agricultural practices that remain today.

Next, head to the Naples Fl Visitors’ Bureau for some fun activities. The Naples Fl Visitors’ Bureau features the Tamiami E Historic Site, which is known for preserving Miami’s African-American heritage. The site offers a variety of art, culture, historic sites, and much more. On top of that, the Tamiami E Site is also home to one of the most unique and beautiful houses on the west coast, the Edward Sands House. Built in 1963, the Edward Sands House is notable not only for being the first black-owned house on Miami Beach, but for the architectural designs that can still be seen there today.

Last but certainly not least, make your way to Naples International Airport for some fun-filled activities. Known for its history, tourism, and art, this Miami Beach staple is sure to keep you entertained. In addition to the great scenery, the runway, and various activities like games and parades, the Naples International Airport also has a great selection of attractions for travelers and locals alike. There is no better place to take a trip to Miami Beach than from the Naples airport. Take a trip to the world’s famous aquarium; tour the U.S. Air Force Museum; or enjoy the nightlife at the Beach Clubs of Naples.

Naples is definitely one of the best places to visit and stay when you are on vacation. Whether you want to experience art and culture, or just relax on a beautiful beach, Naples has it all. A trip to the Naples Fl Visitors’ Bureau will allow you to see what is all available. It will also help you decide where you would like to stay and go when you are in Naples. And, if you have never been to Naples before, don’t worry, the internet is filled with information about this great city.

For art lovers, museums, galleries, and more, there is plenty to see and do while you are in Naples. And, if you are looking for family entertainment during your time in Naples, there are plenty of fun things to do as well. With Naples being a hot tourist destination, the arts, food, and culture can all be experienced while you are in town.