Pine Island FL is a small island located on Gulf of Mexico’s southwestern tip. The island has a small coast and a number of large beaches. A number of resorts are located here along with affordable hotels. Pine Island has one square kilometer (yards) of beach and is a popular destination for families. The island has two small major airports as well as numerous hotels, retirement homes, restaurants and other businesses. It also has some of the finest public schools in south Florida.

Pine Island’s largest island is the quiet town of Lee County. Located in Lee County, off the Gulf of Mexico, it’s the smallest island in Florida at ninety-two acres. The island is also the fourth-smallest community in Florida. Pine Island Sound borders the island to the north. The Intracoastal waterway passes through Pine Island Sound to the west.

The island has been home to quite a few notable people, including: entrepreneur John D. MacArthur, former US President Theodore Roosevelt, entertainer Frank Sinatra and actor Marlon Brando. Pine Island was also used by astronauts during both the Gemini and Apollo missions. There are a number of tours available to explore the many sites on the island, as well as historical buildings and sites. One of the most popular tours is a walking tour around the Main Beach area. Here, visitors can see Sinatra’s childhood home, the Casa Maria de San Diego, which was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan.

The most important landmark on Pine Island FL is the San Carlos Island Lighthouse, which serves as a base for observation from many of the beaches on the island. San Carlos Island was one of the first planned islands in Florida and is where the now-famous Wild Dunes Resort was to be built. Another notable landmark is the San Carlos Island Cemetery, where the remains of more than one hundred residents of Pine Island were buried. These grave markers are located near the Wild Dunes Hotel and Silver Star Visitor Center.

The Wild Dunes Hotel offers accommodations to those who want to enjoy the natural beauty found on Pine Island. Guests can choose from a variety of luxury resorts, including some that are right on the beach. There are also economical accommodations, such as cabins. The price ranges for accommodations on the island range from luxurious to basic. Some of the hotels offer a complimentary breakfast each morning and guests can enjoy relaxing showers each evening.

All luggage must be brought onboard the vessel so that items such as clothing and shoes can be scanned at the entry gate. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited. All bags must be checked at the port of call before boarding. All bags will be searched prior to boarding. Pets are not permitted on board. As a guest, you are responsible for your own stroller or pet carrier.

Transportation to Pine Island is quite easy. Buses and shuttles can take guests from the Wild Dunes to Pine Island. ferries depart regularly from Fort Walton Beach. The nearest hotel to Pine Island, the Wild Dunes Lodge, provides rooms and tours of the beach and the island itself. There are shuttle rides to the island as well.

Those who are interested in history can learn a little about the notable figures from this island. You can also learn about the activities and attractions that are available to visitors. It is possible to see firsthand what Pine Island was like prior to its arrival from England. Activities such as sand sculpture and sunset cruises are included in your tour package.

If you prefer to hike instead of taking a cruise, there are several paths and hikes to choose from. If you prefer to scuba dive, there is an extensive network of beautiful dive sites. It is possible to obtain a diving certificate for beginners. All of the diving sites are supervised by experienced instructors.

For the lucky few, a pine tree is one of the visible assets at the Wild Dunes Lodge. A warm welcome is extended by everyone who stays at the Wild Dunes Lodge. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Dinner can be prepared by the owner’s family.

Pine Island Fl is also known for its shopping. Many shops line the main strip. Those who enjoy shopping will find that a lot of items are available. Those who enjoy fine dining will enjoy their cuisine served in the various restaurants located along the strip. Food is abundant and prices are affordable.