Bonita Springs is located on the southwest tip of Florida, in Florida’s panhandle. It is known for its Gulf Coast resorts and parks, such as Bonita Beach Park and Little Hickory Island Beach Park, among its many beach-themed attractions. To the north, you can find Lovers Key State Park, which is well-known for paddleboarding and kayaking. The nearby Everglades also offer manatee-friendly attractions.

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Whether you prefer water sports or relaxation, Bonita Springs has plenty of options for you. You can go hiking, mountain biking, fishing or boating; or if you prefer being close to the action, you can take a leisurely stroll along the shores, where waves lapping on the shore are proof that this area is one of America’s greatest beach destinations. Paddleboarders, too, have plenty of options. With a wide array of shops to visit and tours to participate in, you are sure to enjoy this popular tourist attraction. To round out your weekend getaways, plan your trip to one of Bonita Springs’ fine restaurants:

The beaches are perfect for a day trip for the entire family, but what about those who want to experience the nightlife? Bonita Springs nightlife is just as popular as the beaches. There are several clubs to choose from, and if you are looking to go deeper into the Everglades, you can rent a boat and snorkel with your own group of friends or loved ones. You will find the bars and restaurants have live entertainment, as well, which is just the thing you need to relax and enjoy a night under the stars.

If you don’t want to venture far from home, there are also a number of romantic getaways to choose from in Bonita Springs. Many of the top hotels near the coast feature small spa salons and day spas for couples to enjoy. These are great places to come and unwind after a long day at work. At these locations, you can enjoy unlimited beauty treatments and have your romantic evenings, candlelit dinners, and massages made right on your front doorstep. Hotels in Bonita Springs offer many of these amenities, and some even include private pools, saunas, and hot tubs.

If you are heading out on a weekend trip and would like to stay closer to home, there are still plenty of daytime activities for you to partake in. Many of the top hotels in Bonita Springs Fl serve as quaint bed and breakfasts, allowing you to stay in the peaceful comfort of a cozy room and participate in one or more of the onsite activities available on their premises. Some of these include hiking, horseback riding, camping, swimming, boating, snorkeling, and so much more.

On a less frequent basis, you can head out to one of the Bonita Springs’ fabulous beaches for a day of water fun. In particular, you may wish to visit the two beaches located on the mainland of Bonita Springs: Main Beach and South Beach. At Main Beach, you can enjoy the breathtaking glow of the setting sun during the day, while strolling among the pristine white sand beach and watching the fishermen make their way to the boat dock. South Beach, by contrast, offers an equally impressive backdrop: perfect for taking a stroll and taking in the spectacular view of the estuary.

Of course, when it comes to romantic getaways, you can’t leave out our local area! Just minutes from Bonita Springs’ downtown scene is the small town of Pinellas County, which has been named one of the US’s 50 Fun Places to Visit. Pinellas County is known for its warm and inviting climate year-round and offers a wealth of diverse entertainment experiences year-round. You might want to consider staying at one of our hotels located in and around Pinellas County – including Holiday Inn Galleria, Double Tree Orlando Lake, and many others. These hotel destinations offer convenient locations and convenient access to everything you’ll need for your weekend away: restaurants, night clubs, spas, golf courses, kid-friendly accommodations, and everything else you’ll need to create unforgettable romantic getaways.

As you can see, there are plenty of great things to do and see near Bonita Springs, Florida. To help you plan your next trip to this charming area, I’ve compiled a list of the top three best things to do and see near Bonita Springs. My hope is that this information will be helpful in spurring your next vacation or weekend away and will help you realize just how enjoyable these fun things to do and see can be! Bonita Springs is sure to make your vacation one you’ll never forget!