Nothing can beat eating outside on your patio when the weather is good and there is fresh air blowing. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot convert an indoor grill into an outdoor kitchen. While most models offer grills with hobs that convert to fireplaces or can be converted to outdoor fireplaces, not all models have a retractable or removable roof. If you are looking for an ideal outdoor range hood, strive for a durable stainless steel with an extended vent to trap the exhaust gases, and enclose it securely.

best outdoor grill

Portability: If you are after the best outdoor grill, it should be easy to carry around and fit into any vehicle trunk. It should be small enough to fit in the backseat or even behind the seat. The smaller grill designs are ideal for any backseat passenger who is interested in grilling, but does not have a lot of room. The best outdoor grill should have at least one compartment large enough for most beverages. Most charcoal grills come equipped with beverage holders.

Propane gas grills tend to be quite a bit smaller than charcoal grills, which makes them perfect for parking. Some portable propane grills also have side tables, which makes them perfect for entertaining. Propane gas grills do not have a cord and are generally quite portable.

Height: You can tell how large a grill is just by its height. Propane grills are usually about six inches long by about four inches wide and will either sit flush against a concrete surface or be very compact. Charcoal grills are usually between an eighth and a half inch wide and about six inches long by about ten inches tall. In between these two extremes you will find many styles of outdoor cooking surface.

Size: When it comes to size, a large grill is often mistaken for being bulky and clumsy. But the actual cooking surface is usually only slightly larger than the actual cooking surface on a charcoal grill or propane grill. The actual cooking surface of a gas grill is only about an eighth inch square, while that of a charcoal grill is about half an inch square. This means that the grill that you choose should be roughly half an inch square, which will give you plenty of room to cook your foods.

Extra features: There are many extra features available on modern day grills. These features can be used to make grilling more efficient and add convenience. For example, some grillers have side tables, which allow you to rest the barbie-like grill against a table or other flat surface so that you don’t have to leave the cooking surface all together when working. Other features include built in stands for carrying plates or serving trays, built in barbecue pits, and adjustable heat controls, as well as condiment holders and built in bowls.

Lid: The lid is the most important part of a grill, and this is largely determined by the type of grill that you purchase. Modern grills generally have a removable lid. However, if you want to avoid having to clean up charcoal dust after using your grill, then you’ll probably prefer to buy a grill with a coal bed. Coal beds are simply steel cylinders filled with charcoal and shaped in the shape of a barrel. The advantage of using a coal bed is that you can cook with as much or as little wood as you want.

Extra features can all be useful, but they are not essential for grilling outdoors. However, many people who like to barbecue on all-terrain vehicles find it important to have certain additional accessories. For example, some vehicles have built-in rotisseries. Others come with extras such as ash trays, warming racks and stainless steel attachments for cleaning up the mess that inevitably is produced.