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Fun Things To Do In Naples, Florida

Naples Fl, a port on Florida’s panhandle, is famous for its year round good weather and luxurious shopping malls. Naples is a gorgeous city on the Gulf of Mexico at the southwest tip of Florida that is well known for excellent golf courses and high-end retail shopping. The Naples Pier, originally erected in 1889, is still the symbol of the city and is now a popular tourist destination. It is flanked by stunning miles of pristine white sand and waters off the coast of Florida, including those at Clam Bar Park and Delnor-Wiggins Park.

The town of Naples is also home to other major attractions, including the busy Naples International Airport, Naples Boatyard, Naples State Park, and the upscale Naples Hilton. The Naples Pier is the anchor of the waterfront and is also a popular attraction and golfing destination. The best days to visit Naples are from May through October, as the climate remains pleasant all year round, although there may be some inclement weather on occasion. Here are some top places to see while on vacation in Naples, Florida:

Staying in Naples and driving to the area you would like to visit near the weekend can be a lot of fun because you will get a chance to visit many of the attractions during your driving time. In Naples, Florida, there are plenty of things to do on the weekends, with many attractions offering special weekend packages. For instance, Naples Catamaran Cruise is held every Friday evening from May through August, featuring a fun cruise along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The boat docks at various ports around the state and several popular islands, many of which you can visit near the weekend.

If you are interested in shopping, then you will be able to get away from it all in one fell swoop by taking part in one of Naples’ many daytime excursions. One of the most popular of these excursions is the Naples Day Trip, which lets you explore some of the city’s most famous gardens in just a single day. You can start your day off by visiting La Porte de Leiva, one of the city’s most well-known gardens. It has been a mainstay in world literature and contains several award winning paintings. Other notable spots included in the Naples Day Trip include the Santa Maria Novella, the Uffizi Museum, the Picasso Museum, and the Santo Domingo Church.

After going through some of these great garden attractions, you can end your day by taking part in the many Naples Sculpture Garden. Designed to look like the finest of European sculptured gardens, the sculpture garden allows you to stroll along the beach with beautiful beaches lined up by beautifully sculptured trees. Among the most popular things to do in Naples, Florida by way of weekend getaways, the Naples Sculpture Garden is definitely worth checking out.

Another popular thing to do in Naples, Florida by way of its many beautiful gardens is to check out its exotic bird gardens. The Pelican Bird Gardens is probably one of the most well known and photographed tourist attractions in Naples. As one of the oldest garden gardens in Florida, the Pelican bird gardens have won many awards, as well as been featured in numerous Hollywood movies. Other famed bird gardens in Naples include those of the Florida Keys, the Atascadero State Wildlife Park, and the Pelican Bird Garden. While these aren’t the only places to go when it comes to enjoying exotic bird gardens, they are definitely some of the more popular ones.

Along with the famous Naples Beach, which is located just north of downtown Naples, there are plenty of other fun things to do in Naples, Florida, such as the St. Pete Beach, which is a very popular beach for day trips to and from the mainland. Another great thing to do in Naples, Florida is to go on a vacation cruise, because there are so many good restaurants near the ports of call. One of the top restaurants near Naples, FL would be the Umbrella Restaurant at Siesta Key, which is run by celebrity chef Milton Glaser. Other fine dining restaurants in Naples, FL would include Angel’s Lobster, Ponderosa, and Tortilla Coast.

Of course, Naples has much more to offer than just fine dining and great nightlife. The city is home to some of the finest public parks in all of Florida, including two in particular: Dr. Phillips Bay Park and Naples Bay Park State Recreation Area. These parks offer great opportunities for families, nature lovers, and tourists to get away from the pressures of everyday life. In fact, Naples has been ranked as one of the best cities in the U.S. for how accessible it is to things to do, as well as for how affordable housing is.