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Several Attractions and Activities Near Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a small island in south Florida, identified for its numerous canals. Home to numerous manatees, Sirenia Vista State Park features kayak routes on Matlacha Pass to Port St. John, where manatees swim among mangrove-covered canals. Cape Coral’s downtown area is lined with shops, boutiques, and restaurants, as well as public parks. Yacht Club is one of Florida’s premier public locations for water sports and is near several of Cape Coral’s downtown attractions. To the southwest, Four Mile Beach features a pier and beach on the Caloosahatchee River, while to the northwest, Old Fort Point State Park offers an overlook of St. John’s river.

Cape Coral boasts a skyline dominated by high-rise hotels and condominiums. The city is synonymous with convenience, and the nearby International Airport is only two miles away. Shopping and restaurants fill the streets, and the only remaining structure on Cape Coral’s downtown peninsula is the U.S. Coast Guard Station. The station, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, is home to a cafeteria and mess hall.

While traveling to this area, be aware that the beaches are often sandy and uneven. tides may cause surf damage. Holes may also be common, and swimming is highly prohibited. Be sure to stay out of areas where tidal pools have formed. If you’re interested in fishing, the St. Lucian and St. John river channels offer excellent opportunities, though boat charters may also be available.

The best time to visit Cape Coral, Florida, is between April and May. At this time, the southern portions of the island get most of the sun, providing a beautiful and vivid scene. The northern half of St. Lucian Island experiences minimal sunlight. As the months pass, more sunshine is seen in April and May. In June, conditions become difficult as a high-intensity thunderstorm develops. Tropical storms may also develop during this time, as well as strong winds.

After your Cape Coral vacation, don’t plan to head back to dry land. There’s plenty to do at Cape Coral, including visits to nearby national parks and beaches. Animals are easy to spot, and a visit to the St. Lucian Wildlife Center is recommended. You can learn about and purchase animals-of-the-month from their exhibits. In addition, you can visit the butterfly sanctuary, which has over two thousand tropical butterflies and is the largest butterfly garden in the state. You can find information on butterfly eggs, which look similar to those of chocolate, and buy honey from local bees.

Dotted with many marinas and public access areas, the waterfront area of Cape Coral FL has ample water activities for the entire family. Kayaking and canoeing are popular activities, as are kayaking tours of St. Lucian Island. Swimming and snorkeling are also popular here. If you’re looking for a little excitement, consider going banana boating. If you’re into sky diving, you might want to try sky fishing, too. Whether you’re interested in a little bit of action or want to experience something a little bit out of the ordinary, there’s something available for everyone in Cape Coral.

Because it’s located so close to the beach, you can find things to do on the beach, as well as around the waterfront. Try parasailing on the Everglades’ largest river, the Apalachicola Creek. You can also float down the Miami River with a pontoon or a kayak. If parasailing isn’t your thing, you might enjoy a swim in the shallow waters of Haulover Beach or take a paddle ride on a paddlewheel boat.

While you’re in Cape Coral, why not take a tour of Miami’s South Beach? This area of the Miami area was one of the first beaches to be developed in the Miami area and features some of the most beautiful sand and surf in the state. You’ll definitely want to make this part of your trip to Cape Coral a must-do, even if you only spend a little time here on your way to the beach.