Fort Myers or Ft. Myers, is a southern coastal city in south-eastern Florida, United States of America. As of now the census count shows the population at 62,029 and in the next year it is expected to rise to 87,101. The City of Ft. Myers has a very distinct look and feel with the beach, lots of restaurants, and several popular nightspots. The various residential areas are full of nature’s beauty and offer the ideal living environment for families and young professionals.

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There are four statistical areas in Fort Myers Florida and these are Bay Harbor, Chagrin Lake, Fiddlestick, and Pine Island. These areas are part of the historic Fort Myers Historic District. The Fort Myers historical district covers the entire city, from the beaches to inland lakes and fort Myers’ small town character. One of the most interesting parts of the district is the area known as Winter Gardens, which has been designated a historic civil war battlefield.

During the Civil War, Fort Myers was the key hub for the invasion force that invaded Key West, Florida. As a part of this force, the 3rd regiment, Battery Barre, had a camp at Fiddlestick Island. The town of Fiddlestick today is home to several fine restaurants and nightspots. One historic site is the former Winter Gardens site where a small Civil War battery camp was located. At the Winter Gardens site, tourists can still see the original gun batteries and fortifications.

In addition to Fiddlestick, there was another Battery located at Bay Harbor, which was protected by Fort Myers troops. The fort at Bay Harbor had a huge cannon mounted on the fence which fired on anything that got close. It was actually this protection that allowing the Union forces to gain control of Key West. Major William Sherman, commander of the fort at Fort Myers, had the fort added to his list of targets. In fact, he personally ordered a cannon placed on top of the hill leading to the bay to ensure that any approaching force could be quickly taken out.

After the Civil War, Fort Myers was again in the spotlight when two members of the California Permanent Volunteers made their way to Florida. Among these were two future US presidents. John F. Kennedy and John Kennedy’s younger brother, RFK, visited Fort Myers in March of 1957. On this visit, they met the famous Johnnic Wrigley, who was a famous World War II era baseball player for the Minnesota Twins. He went on to become a well known and respected author.

Today, Fort Myers continues to play a key role in the state of Florida. In addition to housing the state capitol, it is also home to many local businesses and organizations. The Florida Highway Patrol has its headquarters here, as do the cities of Oviedo, Saint Augustine, Winter Springs, and Bradenton Beach. Besides the government offices, many local schools, colleges and other institutions are located here. As is the case with the statistical area surrounding St. Thomas, the city of Fort Myers is considered to have an excellent quality of life. This is evident by the fact that the number of deaths as a result of heart disease is significantly lower than the national average.

Though there are not many major companies headquartered in Fort Myers Fl, some well-known ones such as Harvey Firestone and Insurance Company are still present. In addition, Edison International, Inc., a division of Insurance Brokers of America, is also a prominent business presence in the area. Edison is responsible for much of the development of communities like Oviedo, Saint Augustine and Bradenton Beach. Among these companies, Harvey Firestone is the largest with its holdings including major retail and industrial properties.

As for Edison itself, it is responsible for developing many commercial and residential projects in the area such as Harleys Paper Company, the Domino factory and the Edisons Lumber Plant. The latter provides jobs for the people of Fort Myers Fl, including many people who live below the poverty line. The company also developed the Winter Gardens Shopping Center, which is one of the largest shopping malls in the Florida area. In addition, there are plenty of other businesses in and around Fort Myers Fl that contribute to the local economy, which makes this city a popular place to live.