The best outdoor grill should offer the easiest cleanup after cooking on it. Charcoal grills provide excellent heat output but there’s a bit more involved in manually firing the grill up and keeping its temperature maintained. If you’d prefer a hands-off experience, then charcoal might be the best outdoor grill option for you. Charcoal provides evenly cooked food with very little smoke or ash. When grilling on a gas grill, there are more smoke and ash produced and this can be a problem if you don’t want it.

best outdoor grill

Stainless Steel Grills Steel provides an inexpensive alternative to stainless steel grills. Its a lighter material than stainless steel, and thus you can expect a bigger char in a shorter amount of time. Since you won’t see the effects of charring on a stainless steel grill, it’s generally considered the best outdoor grill choice. Most people find that it gives off the same heat output as stainless steel but without the harmful smoke and ash.

Aluminum Grills Another durable type of grill material is aluminum. It is commonly used in barbecue kits and there is a wide range of available sizes. This type of grill is very portable because it’s very light. You can toss it in the back of your truck or on a trailer. Most people prefer aluminum grills because they can cook a lot of food and because of their portability.

E3001 Lid Another favorite choice for grillers is the E3001 lid, which has a cover on top that provides the grill with a lid. The lid locks onto the mesh grill frame and there are no gaps for smoke to enter. The mesh grill frames are made out of heavy-duty steel. To protect the mesh, there is a thick layer of powder put on the bottom of the lid. Some people say that this type of lid produces the most flavorful food but most people say that the light flavor is lost when using a heavier lid.

Cast Aluminum Grills The most popular choice for commercial grillers is the cast aluminum grate. These are the grills that you see on commercial BBQ trailers. They are available in different sizes so everyone can find one that suits them. The cast aluminum grate is made out of thicker pieces of metal than the e3001 type. This allows the heat from the meat to flow more evenly throughout the entire grill.

Q2500 Grilling Station The next type of grill to look into is the Q2500 station. This is one of the most popular grilling units because it is easy to clean and to maintain. There are two grates that go on the front of the grill. The large plate has channels in the middle of it where you place your food. The channels catch the heat and channel it to the large plate where you turn the knob to distribute the heat throughout the entire surface of the meat.

All Terrain Campers Another of the great features to have on any of the all terrain grills is the all terrain power tray. These are made out of heavy duty plastic and are very easy to clean up. There is an integral hook on the top of the unit that attaches to the side of the tailgate. This allows you to quickly remove the tray to access all of the cooking controls. This type of grilling unit is great if you are going to be using the tailgate as an attachment for the camper or a travel grill.

Pull Handle Stands One of the best features on a grill today is the pull handle. These units offer two major advantages over the traditional wedge type of grill stand. First, they are much easier to use, which will allow you to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time reaching over your barbeque to pull handle after handling. Secondly, the grills with pull handles can be used in almost any climate condition and are also much easier to clean up compared to the wedge style of stoves.