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Custom Outdoor Kitchens is a licensed and insured custom kitchen firm in Cape Coral, FL. We are professional landscaping who mainly deal with outdoor kitchens and it;s elements.

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Outdoor kitchens are a big commodity for households who want to enhance the look of their outdoor while increasing the property value. We work towards keeping our customers happy with the quality of work and products.

We work with certified people who are experts in various fields. We have architects, designers, mason workers, and landscape experts. We work as a team to create the perfect outdoor space for your house. We plan out the design in advance then start working on it.

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We provide services such as building outdoor kitchens, pools, patios etc. No matter the type of outdoor elements you want to build, give us a call, we can discuss the details and provide affordable services along with discounts on special seasons. Our employees are highly professionals who do their work with efficiency. We promise you only high quality work no matter what.

Outdoor Kitchens – We will install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard so you can enjoy get togethers, parties and cook food with ease at the outdoor kitchen. It is a great enhancement to your outdoors.

Patios We install patios with innovative and exclusive designs. We take ideas from the clients. If you have particular design the way you want the patio to look like, let us know, we can work towards creating the same.

Pergolas Pergolas act as a beautiful centerpiece for your backyard. When you want a sturdy and strongly built pergola you should trust only experienced people. That’s why we at Custom Outdoor Kitchens work with some wood work experts who specially build the wood to install the pergola at your property.

Pools Pools are a great way to spend time with your family on summer days. If you want a luxurious and beautiful pool with light fixtures, durable material and amazing looks, give us a call. We will have the best kinds of pools. 

Outdoor Fireplaces we use outdoor fireplaces that will help you make your backyard a fun place to be in. It is great for giving in front even during autumn time and enjoy.

Fire Pits we build fire pits for your house. No matter the design or kinds of fir pit you want, we will build it for you.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens when you want an authentic outdoor pizza oven our team will make sure you get one.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens Cape Coral - Design Your Outdoor Project and Let Us Build A Paradise!

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We use locally manufactured materials that are not only affordable but have good quality. We work with a schedule and try to finish the work in time without compromising on the quality. One of the greatest flexes is the number of satisfied customers. Our customers come to us again and again whenever they need any landscape work done. They highly recommend us to their friends and family. We are thankful to our employees for quality work and polite customer service.

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