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Custom Outdoor Kitchens is one of the best known outdoor kitchen makers of Naples, Florida. We have been transforming outdoor properties for the people of Naples with innovative outdoor ideas. Our landscapers have creativity and the artistry to transform a boring backyard to a place you would love to spend time in. We install outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, pizza ovens, pergolas, and patios.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are versatile areas. Most people hold parties in their backyard and having an outdoor kitchen helps you cook food and serve it comfortably. It can be a place to eat dinner, and act as a serving bar during a party. It gives you the freedom to have multiple people help you in the kitchen unlike in an indoor kitchen where more than two people can crowd your kitchen. Our team works towards making sturdy and durable outdoor kitchens that can withstand the elements and stay beautiful for ages.


Patios are a must have for many homeowners and rightfully so. Aesthetically constructed patios do a great deal to increase the property value. The patio will not provide a quality outdoor space and complement the overall look of your house. If you install fire pits, sitting areas and pergolas to your patio to give it something extra. No matter the type of pavement (stone, brick or cement), we will install it for you. Our team will work with some of the best pavers in Naples that you can ask for.


Having a pergola in your Fort Myers property will help you have an enjoyable place to hangout with your family and friends. An outdoor sitting area is incomplete without a good quality pergola made of sturdy wood. We use waterproof, weather proof durable wood that will not rot. Pergolas act as a centre of attention for your landscape and make it look beautiful.


We have been rated as the best company to create beautiful and functional pools with aesthetic poolside areas. Pools are great to have a fun time with your kids. We can construct pools with varying heights so everyone can enjoy it. We install pools of all sizes with perfection. Our pools are beautiful and made with highly material that keeps your pools durable for decades.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are a great enhancement to your landscape especially if you want a brick fireplace. We offer modern, classic, victorian or gothic designs of fireplaces that you can choose from. Our outdoor fireplace is great for outdoor dining placing, outdoor living spaces and outdoor lounges. You can turn your outdoor fireplace into a barbeque fire which is best for some summer fun.

Fire Pits

Falls arriving and what is more aesthetic than having a fire pit and enjoying your evening by the fire? We install beautiful looking fire pits made of stone or brick that will make your backyard twice as beautiful. It’s a great enhancement along the sitting area under the pergola. If you want experts to install this fire pit for you, we are the people for it.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

We install outdoor pizza ovens if you want to install one in your outdoor space. pIzza ovens give you the freedom to bake authentic baked food at home. Pizza ovens are great for pizzas, home baked bread, pies, etc. When you are cooking for a crowd outdoor pizza ovens are the best.

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About Naples

Naples is a town located in County Collier, Florida , USA. Naples has a population of approximately 322,000 in 2015, as the principal town Naples-Marco Island, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. The region of Naples has many significant land reserves, which is why it is a major tourist attraction.

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