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Adding pergolas to your backyard can turn an ordinary area of your outdoor environment into a luxurious space. A pergola brings privacy and shade with a touch of elegance to your backyard.

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We at Custom outdoor kitchen firm based in Cape Coral, FL take pride in building the unique, customized space pergolas which you always desired for. if you have an idea and want to discuss it with our experts or you need assistance in forming an idea for a customized pergola, our expertise is in both and our professionals are eager to help you in all possible ways.

We build virtually every option, size, and shape of an outdoor pergola, you can imagine for your home, according to the space of your backyard. Regardless of size and cost, you will enjoy working with us. We want every space we install for you to give you years of enjoyment. We make your dream come true and put our best efforts so you can have a beautiful structure to extend your living space. You can choose us to add beauty, value, and privacy to your outdoor space and you will be surprised to see the creativity we can put in it to become a unique center of attraction.

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Pergolas are also a great way to incorporate ceiling fans, speakers of your music station and outdoor television, to bond with your friends. Once we have completed the structure we can beautify it by adding furniture, plants, custom décor, lightning, and other enhancements of your choice and according to your budget. It will give you a more vibrating and beautiful structure to hang out with family and friends.

Benefits Of Pergolas

  • You get privacy
  • It gives a definite purpose
  • Additional space for plants
  • Provide shade and also protection
  • They add market value to a home
  • It’s an attractive addition to outer space

You will get an additional space that you love by adding elements of your choice and style. It’s a perfect place where you can enjoy with friends and family, it’s an area that is attractive and versatile. You would love to have your loved ones and guests for enjoying dinner or just share a bottle of wine while gossiping. It’s a definite structure that adds a lot of appeal to your backyard. And you can make it more beautiful with your ideas and accessories.

Our professional experts are very innovative for designing and installation of pergolas and have many years of experience, so they will show you our creativity and our reach to beautify your outdoor space uniquely. We can give you a perfect solution according to your taste and budget. We pay extra attention to the material that we use to construct the structure that it’s solid and at the same time gives a beautiful look to the structure.

When you need some fresh air and outdoor space, you can get a pergola constructed in your backyard. Pergola is an ideal place for plants like clematis, honeysuckle, ivy, wisteria, and grapevines, as it has a property of intertwining themselves on the structure and looks also very beautiful. In summer also you can enjoy the shade and do not have to worry about sunburn. When you get a natural roof of climbing plants and flowers it will certainly give you positive vibes and you will feel happy and satisfied.

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According to research, you can add 20 % to your home with attractive landscaping, unlike gazebos, pergolas are extremely affordable and add value to your home. It adds a lot of beauty and interest to our outdoor area, making it a useful asset when you decide to sell your house.

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